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Reagan Writer Mama doles out writing tips and mom hacks while teaching, playing music, and driving around in circles with her three children.

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Smoky Skies and Sweet Treats

I confess— I’m not quite ready to post anything of substance, but I have been revising, editing, and, most, recently, BAKING. When I swirl about the house, emailing teachers, coworkers, bankers, picking up clothes and wrappers (so many wrappers) wondering what task to conquer next, I bake, like overly-ambitious-Food-Network-kind-of-bake

5 Lessons of Isolation

A wiped schedule is freeing. On a typical morning, I check my iphone calendar for post-work activities which involve 2-6 pick-ups and drop-offs for each family member. Swim at 3:15pm. Basketball at 4:30pm. Pick up friend from Express and take boys to soccer 6pm. Book Club 6:30. Remember talent show practice early next morning. However,Continue reading “5 Lessons of Isolation”

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