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Teach your kids to ski. Trust me.

I’m one of those frenetic mamas who packs up four sets of skis, boots, and poles almost every weekend so my family can hit the slopes. No, I don’t have a ski condo or a second home in the Rockies. I didn’t grow up ski-racing and I never had top of the line equipment. I’mContinue reading “Teach your kids to ski. Trust me.”

Smoky Skies and Sweet Treats

I confess— I’m not quite ready to post anything of substance, but I have been revising, editing, and, most, recently, BAKING. When I swirl about the house, emailing teachers, coworkers, bankers, picking up clothes and wrappers (so many wrappers) wondering what task to conquer next, I bake, like overly-ambitious-Food-Network-kind-of-bake

5 Lessons of Isolation

A wiped schedule is freeing. On a typical morning, I check my iphone calendar for post-work activities which involve 2-6 pick-ups and drop-offs for each family member. Swim at 3:15pm. Basketball at 4:30pm. Pick up friend from Express and take boys to soccer 6pm. Book Club 6:30. Remember talent show practice early next morning. However,Continue reading “5 Lessons of Isolation”

A Lesson in Letter Writing

Here’s an easy home-school writing lesson: Snail Mail is the Best! Parents, homeschooling in the best of circumstances is hard. Toss in a pandemic, an economic upset, and, (at least where I live), terrible weather, and we may all be drinking screwdrivers in our coffee mugs by noon. As someone who teaches for a living,Continue reading “A Lesson in Letter Writing”

Book Spotlight

Showcasing Between MOM and ME, a Mother Son Journal, written by Katie Clemons Last year, my oldest son turned eight and with it came a Pokemon obsession, a Beanie Boo collection, and an alarming moodiness that reminded me of my adolescence. In what felt like an overnight shift, my upbeat boy with the motor mouthContinue reading “Book Spotlight”

5 Creative Activities for Short Attention Spans

Keep your children busy in a DIY maker-space so you can get some work done! As a Drama major, I have a flair for the arts, so when I became a parent, I looked forward to revisiting my creative self. My oldest son was three when I set up his first painting station. I stretchedContinue reading “5 Creative Activities for Short Attention Spans”

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Get the Flu during a Pandemic

Disclaimer: I am not an authority on pandemic protocol. I’m just a mama with a sick kid. “We’re closing the college for finals week,” the university emails read. “Stay home if you’re sick, tell your students to stay home, and operate online as needed.” Okay. Then the emails from the K-12 schools start coming in,Continue reading “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Get the Flu during a Pandemic”